Cherishing Now

Joey Uva Enoch

By: Joey Uva

Six and a half years have passed since you came into this world.  I really did not grasp how fast the years would fly.  How quickly you would grow from a baby to a young girl questioning why.

Your curious nature moves me as your mind continues to grow.  You make me realize how much time is not under our control.

You have come into your likes and dislikes that make you who you are.  This is forming the beautiful person you are growing up to be.

You learn so quickly and seem to do it with such ease.  This often makes me wonder who you’ll become in the years to be.

There are times when you are challenged but you seem to pass right through.  You are stronger than you think and soon you’ll know that too.

You are kind to your peers, I see the friend in you.  This makes me smile inside because it creates those friends that you’ll want too.

Your world would not be complete without music in your day.  You ask for it quite often and our likes are somewhat the same.

You love to draw and make a story, this shows the creative side of you.  I love it when you take us on an adventure built just for two.

You have changed who I am and the world I now see.  I am cherishing the now and the years that have yet to be.

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