British Statistics Show Gay People Less Likely to Divorce

By: Shannon Ralph

Recent statistics out of Britain suggest that same-sex civil partners are less likely to divorce than straight married people. Data from the Office of National Statistics shows that after five years, 5.5 percent of marriages had ended in divorce and 2.5 percent of civil partnerships had been dissolved.

Since civil partnerships were legalized in Britain in 2005, 42,778 civil partnerships have taken place —four times the number initially expected. The ONS report states, “Early figures suggest that marriages are more likely to end in divorce than civil partnerships are to end in dissolution.”

There you have it. Hard statistics to counter the assertion that gay people will somehow ruin the “sanctity” of marriage. My partner and I have been together for thirteen years. Both our parents are divorced. My sweet little grandma has been divorced several times. Aunts, uncles, and cousins have been divorced. Friends are divorced. But my partner and I are together and have every intention of staying that way.

Straight people do not need LGBT people to screw up their marriages. Statistics show they are quite capable of doing that themselves.

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S Ralph

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