Letter to Fin

Danny Thomas

By: Danny Thomas

Dear Finley,

I am starting to see
How much
I am
going to learn from you,
Sweet child.

The other day
On our walk
Thru campus
You wanted to stop and watch the fountain.
“Okay.” I said, and stood on the sidewalk holding your hand.
“No, Daddy,” you insisted, “let’s sit…


On the grass.”

And so we did.

On a cool September morning
Surrounded by a bustling
Human ant hill,

I sat with you
and watched the ripples
In the water
dance with the sunlight.

My mind started to go to those grown-up places…
Self-Conscious -What are those busy people thinking? Should we be sitting here? Do they think I’m weird? Lost? Homeless?
Hurried -There are things to be done. Laundry? Cleaning? Shopping?

Then I realized,
sitting with you
By the pond
watching water,
picking grass,
counting leaves…

This is the thing to be done.

Thanks for that.
And thanks,
in advance,
for all the things you’ll show me and remind me and teach me
as we grow up together.


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