Kids are Funny!

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By: Kelly Rummelhart

Yesterday I was at a pool party with my kids. I was talking with a friend about if she heard that my son’s friend’s mother was pregnant. We went on discussing how exciting it is for her since she has wanted a second child for a while. As we were talking, Preston, my son, asks me, “Is that going to be their baby?” “Yes,” I said and my friend just started to laugh.

You see, when you are a gestational surrogate your kids say things that other kids would never think to say or ask. It is actually quite funny when people who don’t know you’re a surrogate are involved.

Some of my favorites over the years:

I was loading a mini refrigerator into my van (obviously pregnant) and a woman asked if I needed help. I said, “Sure,” and when she was done she asked my son, “You must be really excited to have a new brother or sister,” and he answered back, “Nope. We aren’t keeping ‘em.” You should have seen her face.

When my daughter was in the second grade during my first surrogacy someone had made the comment that two men can’t get married or have babies. Ruby’s reply, “UH, yes they can. My mom is carrying George and Sanj’s babies right now and they are married.”

I was helping my youngest son brush his teeth when he ran into my (very big twin belly) and was knocked back. Sawyer looked at me and said, “Those babies hit me!”

Of course, it isn’t always surrogacy related, sometimes kids just say funny things about pregnancy in general. My favorite from my last pregnancy was when Preston told me that I had a belly like Kung-Fu Panda. Nice. Very Nice.

Kids are always saying funny things but I love how my kids are, in their own way, educating people on surrogacy. They know exactly what being a surrogate means and also enjoy getting to know the Intended Parents we help and seeing the babies with their own family once they’re born. I think it also helps that Ruby, Preston, and Sawyer know other kids whose moms are surrogates too. It is totally normal to them. That’s why whenever they see pregnant bellies they wonder if it’s “theirs” or if their mommy is helping someone have a baby too.

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