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By: Brandy Black

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Our house is sold, the sign is up in the yard, the boxes are here and we are moving on to another home.  It’s hard to believe that we will be driving down different streets, shopping at new markets and walking other floors than those we’ve known for years.  It was tough in the beginning separating from our home but now we are filled with excitement.  We drove by our new house tonight at sunset and pictured what Halloween will be like in that house with trees lining the streets and sweet street lamps guiding our way.  I forget how truly romantic change can be, finding our new coffee shops, discovering the way as a family.  We stood under a rainbow in our new neighborhood and it all began to feel right.

So the baby steps have begun, Sophia starts another year in preschool, Susan celebrated her birthday, we have a lovely vacation to Seattle planned, we pack our boxes, I continue to grow immensely, we prepare for an au pair to come and stay with our family.  Let me stop there.  An au pair…it was the right choice for us to make.  We need help!  This seems to be the mantra of all the others that have paved our way.  This won’t be easy!  We will struggle.  We will be sleep deprived.  We can’t do it alone.  So, a live-in nanny seemed appropriate for this monumental adventure.  But…I’m having problems wrapping my head around a complete stranger joining our family for a year.  What will that be like?  Will we be able to be silly and ridiculous like we sometimes are?  Will we be able to fight and get it all out?  Will we be able to have sex?  Well let’s be honest, I guess there’s not a lot of that after birth anyway especially after pushing out twins!  I can’t imagine what this next year will be like and every time I try, I cry, so I’ve stopped.  One day at a time.

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