You’re Not Wearing That, Right?

By: Don Todd

This is the question I am asked by my husband when I have an HRC shirt and start heading for the door. I understand why he would not want to wear one, as he is still not out at work for a number of reasons, but why can’t I?

Am I asking for trouble by wearing a shirt that states I support same sex marriage? A few years ago I wouldn’t have even thought about wearing anything like this, but nowadays I am very comfortable with who I am. Maybe it is from writing for The Next Family and The Seattle Lesbian with all the support. In going to HRC events, the more I educate myself and the more I want to do more to help the struggles in the community. The question is if I am taking it too far by wearing a shirt like that in public?

I do not want to do anything to make my hubby feel uncomfortable in public while he’s with me, but I also do not want to hold back anymore. Maybe I am turning into a little activist. Especially about same sex marriage! I would like to marry this man here in our home state of California. To be told by people that my marriage will ruin what marriage stands for while they are on their own second or third. I mean they could be called a wedding expert by being through it so many times, but come on!!

Has anyone else out there run into this with your partner? Or is your partner the one you are asking the question to?

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