Hello First Grade! Goodbye Summer!

Joey Uva Enoch

By: Joey Uva

Grace just started first grade.  It’s a brand-new year and this time she had a much better understanding of what to expect than when she started kindergarten.  Actually, so did I.  Grace was very excited to start school, letting me know that she is not the “little kid” this year, that all the “little kids” will be in kindergarten.  I love that she is looking forward to school and that she is feeling much more confident and ready to tackle the year ahead. 

Her very first homework assignment was to create a mobile in which she had to draw a self portrait and specify her favorite book, sport, food, and color.  The mobiles serve as a sort of story for each child will be displayed in the classroom for Back to School Night.  Trevor and I worked with her as she wrote her favorite things on the assigned pieces and drew her self portrait –a picture of a smiling girl with long hair, a shirt with a heart on it, and hearts on either side of her.  Next to the hearts she wrote the words “Papas” and “Mamas”, which she let me know represented her love for us all.  I melted with the knowledge that her self portrait was a lot about love.  Once everything was written, drawn, and colored, we had to cut the pieces out, paste them to poster board, hole punch them, and attach them with string.  Grace was very proud of her mobile, and so were we.

As we embark on another school year, we say goodbye to summer.  I am a routine type of person; routine keeps me steady and helps me plan better. Routine is very helpful during the school year but I have also let it be helpful to me even in the summer.  This summer, every Wednesday when I would pick up Grace, we’d stop for our Wednesday Strawberry Lemonade.  Grace officially nicknamed it our “Summertime Strawberry Lemonade Wednesday”.  (Actually I would have an iced tea.)  I am going to miss this summer routine.

There are a few great summer events that I will fondly remember and miss.  One of these events was our family 4th of July vacation in Lake Arrowhead.  This trip was a blast, filled with fireworks, lake swimming, summer birthday celebrations and just some good plain family fun and relaxation.  Our room in the cabin had a queen size bed and a bunk bed. When Grace saw the bunk bed she quickly let me know she would be sleeping on the top bunk.  She loved it.

Trevor and I also took Grace and our nephew Carter to Wild Rivers Water Park for my birthday this summer.  Talk about a fun time.  I don’t know who enjoyed it more –Trevor and I or Grace and Carter.

Another one of my favorite summer events was the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s free summer concerts series on Saturdays in the park.  It was officially called the “Latin Sounds of Summer” and was held from 5-7pm on Saturdays.  We would pack a picnic and a blanket and head to the park at LACMA to have our picnic dinner and listen to the band play. I loved these late Saturday afternoons with Grace.

Summer is coming to an end.  It’s time to hit the reset button and get ready for a new season and a new school year.

Hello first grade! Goodbye summer!

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