Deep Breaths

The Next Family

By: Kelly Rummelhart

Oh my gosh- my world is upside down at the moment. One of my colleagues passed away and I have been hired as a long-term temp so I can teach most of his classes this semester. I have dreamed of getting his job for the last nine years but I was hoping he would be cruising with his wife of 44 years during a long and happy retirement . . . not this.

This last week has been chaos, trying to get ready to take over his classes with a different text than I usually use, running my store, getting ready for my kids to go back to school, leaving for the weekend for a family event . . . CHAOS! I am at a place in my life right now where I’d like to just go to bed and wake up a few weeks from now, but that isn’t possible.

One thing that is a bright sun in an otherwise stormy time was meeting my Intended Parents in LA this week. They are amazing and I’m in love with them. Rick and I flew down to meet them for lunch on Wednesday. We met up with them around noon and never stopped talking until we had to leave for our flight around 7:00 that night. I love when that happens. When you wonder what the heck you’ll do for that many hours then you blink your eyes and it’s over.

I am excited to report that they are okay with me blogging about our journey together; I will just use their initials. So M and S have already chosen an egg donor and she is being screened. I should hear from my RE soon about possible dates of starting meds and transfers, etc. I am hoping for an October or November transfer so I can deliver during summer break. That way it won’t interfere too much with my teaching gig, which now has become a little bigger. Someone asked me if I will still do the surrogacy now that I’ve been hired full time with my college. I smiled and reminded them that teaching at “full pay” is awesome, but I don’t do surrogacy just for the money. Now that I will make more money as a full time temp than being a surrogate, I will NOT be dumping my IPs. We are still going forward and after meeting them, I’m more excited than ever.

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