Making the Most of This Day

Danny Thomas

By: Danny Thomas

Making the most of this day.

The to-do list…

At the top is always my children

But it seems like every thing on the list,

That gets put off,

Pushed back or set behind

Is ultimately for them, too

Or for the family.

Laundry, housework, tidying…

Cleaning the bathrooms.

Hanging the curtains,

or the pictures that have been sitting long enough

in the hallway that I don’t even see them there


Mowing the lawn

The list goes on…

and on…

Here’s the thing:

I want to delight in the joy of their childhood,

I want them to delight in it, to shine

I don’t want to spend the days we have together

Finding ways to distract them or

keep them occupied

So I can “get things done”

I want to build things with Legos.

Make Art.

Race slot cars.

Go on bike rides.


I want to bake cookies

Keep a balanced diet and a balanced budget.


And have a clean and stylish house

A decent lawn.

And a healthy family.

I also want time for my creative life; playing music, working in theatre, reading and writing.

And I want my children to do all those things

With me and on their own.

And I haven’t figured out yet

I guess,

How to balance both…

I find I feel like I’m always putting one aside for the other.

I tell myself this is the path to balance,

I wonder how I can be sure I’m making the most of each day.

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