Is Maine Going to be the Next State to Approve Marriage Equality?

S Ralph

By: Shannon Ralph

After a successful fight for gay marriage in New York, which state is going to be the next to provide marriage equality to all of its citizens? Perhaps it is going to be the Pine Tree State (yes, I googled that) –Maine. To put gay marriage on the 2012 ballot in Maine, organizers need to collect 57,277 voters’ signatures by Jan. 30. The bill would first go to the legislature, which would have the option to pass it.

During the first full day of petition-gathering around the state on Sunday, Equality Maine reports that supporters gathered 5,200 signatures. If they continue at that rate, the needed signature total should be a piece of cake.

“We’re finding that Mainers are changing their minds on this issue—and that’s going to continue through November of 2012,” said Betsy Smith, executive director for Equality Maine.

Maine’s marriage equality law, previously passed by the state’s legislature and signed by the former governor, was overturned in a ballot referendum in 2010 after anti-gay opposition groups won that vote by 52.8 percent. Tides are turning, however. Marriage equality is gaining momentum.

Go Maine!

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