It’s a … ?

By: Tanya Dodd-Hise

Those first months went by quickly and smoothly, and we anxiously awaited the appointment at which we could find out the baby’s gender.  Erikka had wanted a baby girl since SHE was a little girl, and since we have my two boys, I was really excited at the 50/50 chance of having a girl myself!  I kept telling Erikka that there was nothing wrong with having a boy, if that is what we get, and we both agreed that we will enjoy whatever little darling we are blessed to have.

Now, because of Erikka’s age, 35, and some previous short-term issues with blood pressure, our OB/GYN decided that she needed to also see a maternal-fetal specialist during the pregnancy.  On the down side, this meant more doctors’ appointments and testing; on the up side, this meant more ultrasounds!  It just so happened that our first appointment at the specialist coincided with our 18th week, and hopefully far enough in to find out the baby’s gender.  They were going to do a level 2 ultrasound, which meant that it is better than the average sono, so SURELY it could show us what we want to see, right?  The day that the appointment arrived, we were so excited that we were on our way about 30 minutes too early when Erikka decided to check her voicemails and discovered that they had called and needed to reschedule!  OH NO!  Man!  Once she called in and found out that the doctor was sick, we had to spend two agonizingly long days waiting until the rescheduled appointment.

The new appointment day finally came, and we again rushed off to the appointment, ready to find out who was in there and start picking out names.  When we were first ushered to the back and into a room, we were met by a sonographer who would start the exam, doing measurements and such.  After a few minutes she asked if we wanted to know the gender – well, YEAH.  So she probed around a bit and had to do some maneuvering of the wand (baby was hiding the privates), and finally said, “Oh this is a little girl!”  I was like, “No way.  Check again.”  So she kept at it, and continued to say that it is indeed a little girl.  My response was, “I don’t see anything!  How can you tell?  Haven’t you heard these stories where they tell someone they’re having a girl and then out comes a baby boy with a teeny, tiny little peenie that was hiding?”  She and Erikka just laughed at me.  Erikka was grinning from ear to ear, saying that she KNEW it would be a girl, because she was supposed to have a girl!  I still was not ready to accept and believe it.  Soon the doctor, the specialist, came in.  She looked at me and said, “So I hear that someone in here needs more proof on the baby’s gender?”  I raised my hand, “Yes, that would be me.”  So she grabbed the wand and began doing the same tests and measurements, and then went in for the between-the-leg shot and said, “Oh she is most definitely a little girl!”  I again said, “How can you tell that?  I don’t see anything!”  She laughed and said, “That’s the point.  There’s nothing there!”  She probed around a bit more and said, “I promise you, it’s a girl.  I’m a specialist.  We don’t make mistakes on these things in this office.”  Hmmmm.  Well, okay.  Okay.  It’s a girl.  Oh my God!  It’s a GIRL!!

We were thrilled and couldn’t stop grinning like idiots, texting, calling, and posting online about our awesome news.  We had a little cake made that was pink and chocolate cake on the inside, and we brought it out on Father’s Day to tell Erikka’s parents – it was pretty cute.  After raising two boys, I was finally going to have a girl.  Wow.  It thrills me and terrifies me all at the same time.  I have no clue how to style girl hair!  I can probably dress her girly and put hats on her, but does this mean I have to play dolls and Barbies and have tea parties?  I’ve never had to do that!!  But we have already discussed and decided that we will put her in sports, and won’t put her in pageants.  I’m pushing for soccer, of course, and I will be her coach if she wants – just like I was Nicholas’s coach.  I can and probably will be that crazy soccer mom, who acts like a soccer dad…haha.  I’m already learning to like flowery, pink, fru-fru things.  We have been milling over names already; there are several that we like and we are narrowing the choices.  We decided that once we decide the name, we are going to keep it between just us.  A lot of people have been asking, and some have not been happy when we tell them that they will find out the day that she is born.  Noah has been asking every other day for us to tell him her name, but we won’t even tell him – he has a big mouth!  But I am thrilled that not only is he excited about becoming a big brother, but he is happy to be having a baby sister (which is what he wanted).  This is a whole new adventure, for both of us, but especially for a mom of boys!  But, I am loving every minute of it, and cannot wait to meet our baby daughter (wow, DAUGHTER)!

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Tanya Dodd-Hise

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