Here We Go!

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By: Kelly Rummelhart

This Wednesday I fly to LA with my husband to meet the Intended Parents face to face!  I am so excited.  After this meeting we will move ahead to the contract phase.  While we are going through this part, the IPs will also be searching for the egg donor.  Once the contracts are complete and the egg donor is found and screened, the next step will be to get our cycles synced.  That way when they harvest her eggs and fertilize them, my uterus will be ready to receive the embryo.

I’ve had several people ask me about a timeline.  As of now, it really depends on how fast the contract phase lasts and the availability of their egg donor.  If I were going to estimate, I would guess a late October or November transfer date . . . maybe even December.  This is if everything goes smoothly- which isn’t always the case.

In one of my journeys it was about three and a half months from match to transfer; my other was about eight months!  So, you never know!  Ahhhh flexibility and patience!  Regardless of whether it will be three months or more, I do need to get some things in order.  One is that I’d like to lose a little weight.  If I can drop about ten to twenty pounds, that would be wonderful.  That way when I put on some weight from the medications and baby weight, it won’t be as much in the end.

My kids start school on the 29th, so I’m excited to get my usual schedule back.  It’s so much easier to work out after I drop them off at school but before I open my store.  I can get my body used to exercising more before I get pregnant so I can continue to work out in the beginning.  Both times, once they found out I was pregnant with twins, I was told to not work out as much.  This time, knowing it will only be one, I’m hoping for an easier pregnancy and being more physically active the whole time.  Hopefully no bed rest this time for this lady! So bring on the elliptical machine . . .

Let’s do this!

Kelly Rummelhart writes about her experiences as a two-time gestational surrogate for gay couples. She calls herself a “Uterine Activist” and will be the first to tell you that her uterus is an ally. Kelly also writes at Just The Stork

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