Cayuga County Clerk Refuses to Sign Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

S Ralph

By: Shannon Ralph

A town clerk in Cayuga County, New York has informed her town board that, because of her religious beliefs, she does not believe she can sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples, according to a member of the board.

Ledyard Town Clerk Rose Marie Belforti submitted a letter to the town board indicating her religious opposition to signing these marriage licenses and requesting that she be allowed to assign a deputy clerk who could sign the licenses for her.

Cathy Marino-Thomas, board president of Marriage Equality New York, said Belforti isn’t practicing “good leadership” by trying to pass the responsibilities off to a deputy clerk. “The law says that everyone has a right to marry in New York state,” she said by phone. “If (Belforti) doesn’t want to obey the law, she needs to get another job.”

Come on. Seriously? Of course a person should be required to do their job. Is this something that is debatable at all? Any person working in the private sector knows that you are not allowed to refuse service to a customer because you disagree with their sexual orientation. Or their religious beliefs. Or the color of their skin. Or their age or gender or size. Doing so is a very quick way to lose your job. I would think very few companies would tolerate special accommodations for an employee to practice discrimination against its customers. Should we hold those working in the public sector to lower standards?

This isn’t rocket science. Do the duties of your job, or find a different one.

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