New Study Reveals Top Ten Parenting Secrets

S Ralph

By: Shannon Ralph

A new survey of 26,000 moms from reveals the top ten parenting practices moms aren’t exactly proud of, and rarely discuss for fear of being judged. How many of these apply to you?

Confession #1: Mom wants to be left alone. Personally, I would give my right arm to pee in peace. And a shower without a single child knocking on the bathroom door would be heavenly.

Confession #2: She’s weird about breastfeeding. I didn’t breastfeed my twins. And yes, I feel guilty about it. So I suppose I am weird about breastfeeding.

Confession #3: She sends her kids to school sick. Umm….yea. I admit it. I have sent my son to school with a tummy ache. Or a sore throat. Or a a mosquito bite that has caused his entire face to swell to Elephant-man like proportions. Education is important, right?

Confession #4: She wants a do-over. You know, I am pretty happy with my life. Had I gone to graduate school right out of college as I probably should have done, I never would have met my partner or went on to have three beautiful children. I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason, so I am not too keen on doing it all over.

Confession #5: She’ll take sleep over sex. Most days, I would take sleep over absolutely anything.

Confession #6: She’s distracted by technology. I am distracted by technology on a gargantuan scale. My daughter has, on numerous occasions, closed my laptop on my hands as I was typing to get my attention. This is probably my biggest parenting failure.

Confession #7: She medicates…her kids. I firmly believe Benedryl is a gift from God almighty. How else is one expected to travel with infants and toddlers?

Confession #8: She judges other moms. I do it. I can’t help it. I try to remember that parenthood is a battle not waged by the faint of heart. It’s the toughest job on Earth. Regardless, however, I often find myself mentally criticizing the mom who sends her daughter to school without combing her hair. Or the mom who lets her two-year-old drink soda. Or the mom who lets her six-year-old wear make-up. Come on… a little common sense, people! Yes, I am judgmental. I am not proud of it.

Confession #9: Mom has a favorite child. As a general rule, I do not have a all-around favorite. I do, however, have daily favorites. There are days when I can’t get enough of Nicholas’s amazing giggle, and Sophie pushes me to the edge of sanity. Conversely, there are days when I could bake brownies with Sophie in her Easy Bake Oven all day, and the mere sound of Lucas’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. And there are other days when I want nothing more than to sit snuggled up with Lucas on the couch watching Nova documentaries all day, preferably with my twins locked in a closet in another room. It changes daily.

Confession #10: She uses her kids to get out of things. Why else would one have children? If we cannot use our children to bow out of boring parties, menial responsibilities, and mind-numbing social obligations, what’s the point?

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