Being Prepared with Twins

Kacie Bernstein

By: Kacie Bernstein

being prepared for twins

When our twins were only a few weeks old I was given some very important advice: always be organized.  I am the queen of procrastination but it made perfect sense to me, so I decided to put my best foot forward.  I soon learned that with twins, this would be the only way to survive.

When they were infants I would line up their bottles for the entire day. They were, of course, on different formulas, one requiring that the formula be in the bottle first and the other, water first.  We were stocked with formula, definitely enough for a rainy day or 20!  Every night I would prep multiple bottles, diapers, and burp cloths in my room for the dreaded middle of the night wake-up calls, making sure that everything was an arm’s reach away.

At around two-and-a-half-months-old we started taking classes. I figured it was a good way to make friends and hopefully get some much needed pointers along the way.  I would actually pack my diaper bag the night before and have it hanging from the stroller.  I was the mom in class that others borrowed from -bottles, diapers, formula -you name it, I had it.  Back then I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without two changes of clothes, infant Tylenol, nail clippers, blankets -the list goes on and on.  My husband thought I was crazy, but we always needed to be prepared for the “what if” situation.

As they got a little older and started eating solids, I would actually soak their oatmeal overnight; this way it would just need to be heated in the morning and their food would be on the table before I got them out of bed.  Looking back, it might have been a tad neurotic, but it worked for me, and so far so good!

Lately I have been prepping a lot less. Maybe it’s because I finally realized that as long my bag has diapers, wipes, water, and food what can go wrong?

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