Rachel Maddow Being Sued by Anti-Gay Preacher

S Ralph

By: Shannon Ralph

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, Inc. —a foundation that is “dedicated to restoring moral values in the nation’s youth” —is suing Rachel Maddow and MSNBC for allegedly causing harm to its founder, rocker turned radical preacher Bradlee Dean.

On a May 15th broadcast of Dean’s radio show, he was quoted as saying: “Muslims are calling for the executions of homosexuals in America… and this just shows you they themselves are upholding the laws that are even in the Bible of the Judeo-Christian god, but they seem to be more moral than the American Christians do because these people are livid about enforcing their laws. They know homosexuality is an abomination…”

According to the lawsuit, Rachel Maddow later quoted a similar excerpt on her show. Dean stated that Maddow and others said that he advocated killing gays, “as is practiced in some radical Islamic countries,” causing him harm. Dean argues that the quote was taken out of context. Even more outrageously, his organization claims, “The left wing media’s effort to defame Dean is an obvious way to try to harm Bachmann’s presidential prospects, who they fear and despise.” Bachmann has both praised and supported Dean’s ministry.

I don’t even know where to start to comment on this news story. First and foremost, come on. Your organization’s name is You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, Inc. Your name alone contains an implicit threat. And the quote. Seriously? ”Muslims are calling for the execution of homosexuals in America…they seem to be more moral than the American Christians…” What is there to take out of context? Muslims are saying we should kill gays. They are more moral than us. No, Dean does not come right out and say, “We should kill the gays.” But he obviously is advocating an appreciation and respect for those who DO come right out and say it. If you are going to spout hateful rhetoric and condone murder —KILLING FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS— don’t act like a victim when your hate speech is turned around on you. And this man is a preacher.

Scary stuff, boys and girls.

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