Happy Anniversary!

By: Joey Uva

Five Years!  Here we are babe!  We began on a one-night stand.  We began on a rocky road where love had yet to know it existed between us.  We fell apart before we even began.  We started over as friends.  We became best friends.  We left our minds open.  We left our hearts open.  Love found us and we found love.

We have traveled the desert.  We have traveled the mountains.  We have driven for miles and miles to experience things we have not experienced with another.

We have been apart.  We have been together.  We are a family and have watched a baby become a child.  Our families have become one.  Together we have love and support from those around us.

We have seen friends fall in love.  We have seen couples fall apart.  We have seen friends marry in the name of love.  We have buried family members as their life ended and ours together was just beginning.

We have lost jobs, gained friends and built a home together.  We have been through some really hard times.  We have had many good times. Our laughs are plenty.  Our arguments are few.

We have become part of each other.  We hurt when the other hurts. We cry when the other cries.  We are sad when we see sadness in the other.  In all conditions love is our guide.  Our love is greater than our circumstance.

Our love has grown.  Our life has grown.  We have matured.  We have changed. We have become us, us in love.

Happy Anniversary Babe!  I Love You!

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Joey Uva Enoch

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