Beginning the Process…Insemination, Here We Come!

By: Tanya Dodd-Hise

Over the next few days, we watched things that we normally wouldn’t pay attention to, like physical signs and symptoms in Erikka.  I was fascinated with the whole process.  We had to go in for ultrasounds so that the doctor could watch her follicles (aka eggs) as they grew and prepared to release in ovulation.  It was amazing to watch them get bigger until the point when they were ready to drop. 

We had planned a trip to Oklahoma to visit friends over the weekend, so we were wondering how this was going to play out, since everything was timed so precisely.  The morning we were leaving for our trip, we went in for another ultrasound, and the doc said that she was about ready to ovulate, so we would have to take the syringe with us that would give her the surge that she needed for the eggs to drop at the appointed time.  Wonderful.  We were going to have to give her the shot that evening, while we were scheduled to be at a fundraising event.  But we knew that we could figure it out – after all, we are two very highly educated women!

That evening I was photographing the event and and we were visiting with several close friends.  Fortunately, one of them was my adopted mother, who happens to be a nurse. She accompanied us to the bathroom at the appointed “shot time” and administered the shot for me (I didn’t think I could do it).  So just like shake and bake, she helped!  We went home the following afternoon, and prepared to go to the fertility clinic the next morning for insemination.  It was very exciting not only for us, but our friends as well!

We woke up on Monday with anticipation, having a really good feeling about how things were going thus far.  Arriving at the clinic, we were ushered into one of the rooms, where donor #351 had been thawed and was waiting for us, ready to fulfill our dreams of dual motherhood.  We laughed and waited for the doctor, me with video camera in hand, ready to capture the whole thing.  Once the doc came in, she got straight to business, which took all of two minutes.  I was standing by Erikka’s side as the specimen went in, but didn’t actually video THAT part – just the before and after.  About ten minutes later we were on our way, with an appointment for blood tests two weeks later, and admonishments not to be tempted to test any earlier than that.  We both had such a good feeling about it, I was afraid to even acknowledge how good of a feeling I had.  When we walked out, I looked at Erikka and said, “We just made a baby in there.  That doctor knocked you up!”  Somehow I knew that it just had to be true.

Erikka waited about five or six days before she whipped out the mass box of pregnancy tests that she had purchased in bulk on the internet.  The first produced the faintest of lines, as did the second and third, until the line started becoming slightly darker with each passing day.  Oh my God, could it be?  Had we been right?  Had we really been so lucky, so blessed, as to have it happen for us on the very first try?  Part of me thought that of course it worked, and that there was no other option BUT for it to have worked.  The other part thought no way, really??  We had friends who had children, but had heard their stories of how long it took, months and years for some.

When the day finally arrived – two weeks post- insemination – we anxiously went to the fertility clinic for the blood test.  In OUR minds, they would draw the blood and give us the answer right then; but no.  They drew the blood and then informed us that we would hear from them probably by noon.  WHAT???  We have to WAIT for several hours?  Oh geez.  So home we went, and the hours passed so slowly.  Noon came and went.  One o’clock came and went.  TWO o’clock came and went.  Ugh.  “Call them,” I said.  She called, got a voicemail, left a message.  Three o’clock came and went.  Four o’clock arrived.  “Call them again,” I said.  She called again, got a voicemail, left a message.  Dear God this was torture!  They called back, and somehow, we missed the call and got a voicemail – with no information, just told us to call them back.  ARGHHH!!!  Finally, just before five o’clock, we made contact.  I had the video camera out and rolling, and we put the nurse on speaker as she said the glorious words that we were holding our breath to hear:  Your pregnancy test was positive!  We couldn’t wipe away our ear-to-ear grins for the rest of the day!  We texted the few people who knew what we were doing, gave the good news, and then swore them to secrecy until we were ready to announce to the world at twelve weeks.  It was a fabulous end to a very long day of waiting, and the beginning of a whole new life for us.

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Tanya Dodd-Hise

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