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Massachusetts Senator Refuses to Particpate in “It Gets Better” Video

By: Shannon Ralph

Massachusetts lawmakers are criticizing Sen. Scott Brown for refusing to appear in an “It Gets Better” video aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. Sen. Brown is the only Republican in the Massachusetts Congressional delegation and the sole Senator who chose not to participate in the anti-bullying video. His 11 colleagues, all Democrats, released the video earlier this week.

The “It Gets Better” campaign is a series of supportive video messages posted online for young people who may be targeted because of their sexual orientation. The campaign was started by sex columnist and gay rights activist Dan Savage.

Brown declined to appear in the video. When criticized for his absence, Brown’s office denied that he supports violence against the LGBT community. “Scott Brown has a strong record at the state and federal level against bullying and believes that all people, regardless of sexual orientation, should be treated with dignity and respect,” spokesman Colin Reed said. “His main focus right now is on creating jobs and getting our economy back on track.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee also defended Sen. Brown, dismissing video campaign founder Savage as having “a long history of lewd, violent, and anti-Christian rhetoric,” according to the Huffington Post.

Why does this not surprise me? It makes me think of that quote by Edmund Burke: All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Sen. Brown may not support violence against the LGBT community, but by allowing it to take root and flourish under his watch and refusing to take steps to combat it —while doing nothing to prevent it— he may as well be supporting it.

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S Ralph

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