New Summer Camp for Children of LGBT Parents

By: Shannon Ralph

A new overnight summer camp geared toward the children of LGBT parents has opened in Wernersville, PA. Sitting on 600 acres of mountains, Camp Highlight offers traditional recreational activities, nature education, and team building in an environment that respects and celebrates LGBT families. The camp is open to children ages 8 to 15 who have at least one lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender parent.

According to the camp’s website, it offers all of the quintessential “camp” activities including archery, swimming, kickball, arts and crafts, nature hikes, rope courses and more. It also includes less typical activities, such as drama and improv, writing, and photography. Campers rotate through activities of their own choosing during the day, and enjoy whole camp programs such as a dance, talent show, carnival, and campfires at night. Camp Highlight employs a curriculum that focuses on the universal values of Peace, Respect, Acceptance, Responsibility, and Cooperation (perhaps we should send Congress to Camp Highlight!), and offers children the opportunity to meet other families just like their own.

Camp Highlight will run for one week Aug 20 through Aug 27. The camp is hosted at South Mountain YMCA and is accredited by the American Camping Association. You can find out more about Camp Highlight on their website,

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