Law Schools Lift Ban on Military Recruiters

By: Shannon Ralph



In response to the certification of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal, Vermont Law School is lifting its ban on military recruiters on campus. VLS was one of two law school to ban military recruiters because of DADT. The other, William Mitchell College of Law in Saint Paul, MN, also plans to lift its ban.

William Mitchell spokesperson, Steve Linders, told the National Law Journal, “Our position is not anti-military. It is pro-opportunity—we want all of our students who wish to do so to have the opportunity to serve their country. Now that Congress has voted to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and President Obama has signed the certification to end the ban, all will have the opportunity to serve, regardless of sexual orientation, and William Mitchell will once again allow military recruiters on campus.”

Both William Mitchell and VLS became ineligible to receive certain types of federal money because of their decision to ban military recruiters. VLS reportedly lost about $500,000 a year in federal funds because it prohibited military recruiters and ROTC.

It is refreshing to see institutions of higher education stand by their principles, rather than succumb to very real political and monetary pressures to do otherwise. Respect for all students should be a guiding principle of higher education in this country.

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S Ralph

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