The Sad Goodbye…Part 2

Kacie Bernstein

By: Kacie Bernstein

We landed in Nice, and besides being utterly exhausted since I was too upset to sleep, I needed to make sure that the kids were okay. We checked in with my father-in-law; he said all was good and so far they didn’t even miss us…which of course was bittersweet.

We checked in to the hotel and started our day of sight-seeing, eating, and drinking. I was fine from that point on and decided it was time to get into vacation mode. Due to the time difference, we would wake up every morning with an update of the kids’ entire day, and that they were doing exceptionally well. We decided to not call or Skype as that might turn everything upset down. Besides my minor meltdown, we had an AMAZING time away. The kids thrived while we were gone and were on their best behavior, that was of course until we got home!

Our week-long getaway was just a faint memory once the kids woke up from their nap, but those were some of the best hugs ever! For one week, they had become independent toddlers and we were able to just live in the moment and be free…and we are already planning our next, adult only, vacation!

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