A Different View

By: Joey Uva

Trevor went to school for photography, so taking pictures is simply part of who he is.  When Grace was four she found a liking to Trevor’s camera. She would randomly ask for the camera to take pictures around the house. We showed her what button to push and let her explore her very own world of picture taking.

Grace taking photos seemed simply like something fun for her to do.   What I didn’t know was how those photos would change my view and perspective on the life she was seeing and living.   Her view was that of a fresh and new perspective.  It was that of things seen for the first time, the surprise of something simple, coupled with the power of a young child’s mind to see beauty in the ordinary.

Shortly after Grace found interest in taking pictures, we bought her a camera of her own.   Although it’s more of a toy camera compared to Trevor’s professional one, the pictures Grace has taken have amazed me and let me see the world from her perspective.

There are many pictures of light coming through the windows at different times of day.   The light and shapes seem to fascinate her.   There are pictures taken when we we’ve been out and about, like the picture of the old-fashioned candy sticks in their glass containers with all the bright colors.   There are pictures taken at her four-foot level that show our home from a very different point of view.  These pictures make the hallway seem longer, the bathroom bigger, and objects that are not at my eye level seem much more fascinating.

Becoming a parent teaches us many things.  It teaches us things like true patience, how to listen better, and how to navigate this world in a new way.  Sometimes, it’s the things you never thought of that teach us the greatest lessons in life. I am fascinated by the lessons and things I have learned simply by Grace being Grace.

Through her pictures, I see her likes of the world around her.  I get to see our world from both points of view.  Every now and then I randomly review Grace’s picture folder while I am on the computer.   I like being able to see her point of view and how that is changing and growing as she gets older.

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