Gay Dads Adopting: One Phone Call is All

The Next Family

By: Chris Coyne

One phone call can turn your whole life upside down. I know this from experience. The first call that changed our lives was three years ago. We thought we were expecting twins. The next call was the call from the attorney asking us to fly back to Los Angeles because this adoption had no hope. The third call was with CJ’s mother. She knew we were going to parent CJ the moment we said hello. As I sit here in my bed waiting for CJ to wake from his nap I wonder if the call we had yesterday will change our life.

I have had a half grin for the last 18 hours. The other half is the face I put on to protect the people around me. I try not to show the fact I am worried she would not choose us. Everything has been moving so fast. The home study was a breeze. We are super busy with our little man and time never stands still.

The call went well. She narrowed her parenting choices down to two couples. On paper we are the same. The only major difference is we are a gay couple with a little boy and “they” are a straight couple with a little girl. I look at our life and I love it. I know we have it good.

She asked us a few great questions. First she wanted to know what would happen to our children if something ever happened to both of us. She wanted to know more about what exactly Jon did for a job. She asked us how old we were. The last thing she wanted to know was what we did together as a family. We really liked her.

At the end of the call we were told she would be making a decision by the end of last night. I sit here waiting for a call from our attorney wondering if I am about to become a father again…next month…

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