Great Day!

The Next Family

By: Kacie Bernstein

“You guys are going to LOVE this place”, was what I kept telling the kids on the way to the Americana in Glendale.  I needed an activity to fill the morning, and their play area seemed like a genius solution! 

The kids got so excited when they saw the dancing water.  I told them that their surprise was even better than the water.  Their little eyes lit up when they saw the awesome climbing structure, and my jaw dropped…in complete shock…there was “caution” tape all around it.  The very nice security guard walked over and sealed our fate; the play area was broken and closed for repair.  How in the world was I supposed to explain this to my two-year-olds?  They seemed to take the news pretty well though, and I let them run free on the grassy area, but couldn’t take my eyes off of my son for fear that he would run straight into the dancing water!!

We went to the bookstore and played with the Thomas the Train Table and even bought stickers for their potty chart. (That’s a whole other story!)  I promised that we would be back when the “doctor” fixed it, and our morning was officially a success…unlike our morning a few days earlier when I had to almost drag two screaming children out of Playsource during two full-fledged tantrums.  It’s amazing how having twins can sometimes make you feel so empowered and in charge, and then other days I truly believe that they are the ones calling the shots.  Do they lie in bed at night and decide my fate for the next day?  Sometimes they feel sorry for me and decide to throw me a bone, and other days bedtime can’t come soon enough!

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