Pay for Marrying a Gay

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By: Shannon Ralph

A lesbian Methodist pastor from Wisconsin is currently awaiting her sentence for officiating at a 2009 lesbian wedding. The Rev. Amy DeLong was convicted on Wednesday by a jury of Methodist clergy in Kaukauna.

Rev. DeLong was found not guilty of a second charge of being a “self-avowed practicing homosexual.” The Methodist church states that gays can serve only if they’re celibate. DeLong was most likely acquitted of that charge because she didn’t admit to any intimate details during the trial. The jury is expected to announce the penalty on Thursday, which could range from suspension to defrocking.

The Methodist Church is remaining resolute in its laws pertaining to the blessing of gay and lesbian wedding, despite a rising number of Methodist ministers defying the ban.

Now, I realize that church laws are different from the laws of the United States, but when I hear of someone being charged with being a “self-avowed practicing homosexual,” I have to wonder what country I am living in. When I read about an individual being convicted of blessing a gay union, I have to wonder what century I am living in. Is this happening in 2011 in Kaukauna, Wisconsin? Or is it 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts?

I’m confused.



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