The Sad Goodbye

The Next Family

By: Kacie Bernstein

Twins provide double the joy, hugs, and kisses, but also double the tantrums and children to entertain at 5:00 in the morning…

My excitement was heightening in the weeks leading up to our overseas adventure.  It would be our first real vacation since our kids were born, and a much-needed getaway!  I expected to be sad but didn’t realize how intense those feelings would be when saying goodbye to our kids.  I was so over the crazy restaurant antics and continual whining, that saying goodbye seemed like a piece of cake.  They are only two, so the night before our departure I started to explain what was going to happen.  Since they are so young it didn’t really click and then the guilt set in.  How could I leave my babies, was it selfish of me to go on vacation?  We tucked them in for their nap, knowing that we wouldn’t see them for an entire week.  The water works…I was the only one crying though.  I hugged and kissed them like crazy and told them how much I loved them and then made a very dramatic exit from the room…think Gone with the Wind!

I couldn’t stop crying on the plane. My husband was very supportive but I am sure that deep down he was concerned that our entire trip was going to be like this.  I just hope my in-laws can make it through the week!

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