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By: Jeff and Kevin DC

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Hi.  I’m Kevin, the (arguably) better half of “Jeff and Kevin DC”.  To some of you we are totally new.  To others I hope you’ve followed us here from our blog.  Jeff and I have been trying to grow our family for the past year or so.  Our dog Kirby is clearly not on board with the concept yet (see photo – he’s over it).  That’s me on the right.  Jeff thinks his head looks fat.  I say maybe he should eat some Special K for that.

Guess what?  We are pregnant.  FINALLY.  And it is a big friggin “we” –as in Jeff, me, our amazing surrogate, egg donor, surrogate coordinator, donor coordinator, agency owner, reproductive endocrinologist, embryologist, lab technician, nurse coordinator, the receptionist at our IVF center – did I leave anyone out?  Oh yeah, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.  Go team!

It has been a long trip getting here.  One that took us through the District of Columbia Child and Family Services all the way to Mumbai, India (I’ll let you guess which one of those was more enjoyable) and ultimately to sunny California where our Surromama is currently 7 weeks pregnant.

Jeff or I (mostly me I bet unless he has a rebuttal to make) will be stopping by here once a week or so to share our story.  I hope you enjoy random bits of information presented in a completely disorganized fashion, with the occasional f-bomb.  The Next Family folks said I should maybe submit an outline to them of where I see our column going over time.  HA!  I haven’t done one of those since college – and I have no idea what I’ll be doing one hour from now, let alone next column.  We’ll just call this format “cyclical”.  How ‘bout that?

A little about us.  We are a fairly stereotypical gay urban couple.  Professionals (yawn).  I’m an architect and interior designer who enjoys writing (even if I’m not all that good at it and tend to create very long annoying sentences with lots of parentheticals).  Jeff is a scientist / cancer researcher by training but has transitioned to a policy focus (so DC of him).  He runs a healthcare policy think tank (um, yeah he’s been a bit busy over the last two years).  We met at a gay bar in our mid 20’s.  A one-night stand later and we are currently hitting 35 and using facial product like mad.  We live in downtown DC – so yes, we’re gentrifiers too.  We have always planned on having kids and we’ve both been on the same page that it had to happen by our mid-thirties.  No one told us it would be so dang hard getting there.  Follow along for updates as to how our pregnancy is progressing as well as funny (and sometimes sad) stories of the bullshit it took to get to this point.


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