And Now We Wait

The Next Family

By: Kerrie Olejarz

Once back in our room we checked email and there was a fertilization report from Dr Shivani. Our hearts sunk as we opened the email. The results were not typical for us, but they were still ok. Dr Shivani’s note stated we had six embryos; some were fragmented and some were looking good. We breathed a sigh of relief as we really only need a few good embryos. We were just used to very high numbers, so these results caught us off guard. We normally end up with fifteen embryos or so. We emailed Dr Shivani our concerns and she quickly responded that she only attempts to fertilize mature eggs for optimal results. This made perfect sense to us and put our minds as ease. This was a bit of a high intensity time for us, knowing we could not freeze any embryos; we counted on these to be the best they could be. Our previous results showed our embryos do not respond well to any thaw media and as a result were not ideal for transfers.

Our transfer was scheduled for tomorrow. Our two surrogates were ready and our embryos had to survive one more night in an incubator. No stress! We also had Plan B in place, so we had to head to the hospital on Transfer Day for Mark to leave a sample for freezing. Plan B was to use donor eggs if this transfer failed.

We spent the bulk of Transfer Day out shopping. We went to Select City Mall for some Indian whisky to bring home and returned to Deli Haat handicraft shops to buy a few last-minute gifts. Around 3 pm we went to the hospital for sample collection. We saw Dr Shivani who was at the hospital getting ready for our transfer. We were dying to see our surrogates, but Dr Shivani recommended against it. We understood how stressful seeing us could be, so we totally got why she did not want us to meet up with our girls. I spoke to Dr Shivani about taking a few extra pain meds home, just in case, and she said she would take care of it that night. Dr Shivani sent us on our way to the IVF lab for Mark to get his sample cup and paper bag. The lab was ready for him and had everything organized to go. We were told to go to room 21 and return the cup to the lab when complete.

There was so much going on today, and to top it all off, we were flying home tonight. Mark was successful in providing a sample and we delivered it back to the lab. We looked around the hospital one last time, optimistic that we would be returning in 9 months. It was kind of sad leaving, knowing that this part of our journey had come to an end. We would have our pregnancy test results in 11 days, and there was nothing else we could do.

Now we wait. We had to wait to hear how many embryos survived until transfer time, we had to wait to catch our flight home, and most importantly, we had to wait to see how our future would play out.

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