Do You Have What It Takes to Design the Nursery?

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By: Heather Somaini


It’s a tricky thing to design your first baby nursery.  Many couples have two (or more) babies and so maybe they have the opportunity to do it a couple times.  We had one opportunity since our first pregnancy was a set of twins – or a “litter” as someone called them once.

I was maniacal about not wanting to paint the nursery pink or baby blue and Tere agreed we should keep it gender neutral.  With all of our pregnancy complications, we ended up doing almost nothing.  Actually less than nothing.  All we did was add a crib and rocker to our home office.  That was it.  It was now an office/nursery.

The babies slept in the same crib for about six months.  To be honest, they could have slept together for a really long time but inevitably one of them would kick the other while sleeping and immediate crying would ensue.  We decided to separate them.  Although the desk stayed, we did move out everything else from the room and added the second crib.

What happened next was absolutely my fault.  I take full ownership.  I had just found these awesome wall art stickers by Blik and I was elated to try them out in the babies’ room.  I decided to spend a whole weekend being “creative”.  I used Undoboy’s Dreamland along with Rainbow Poops and Keith Haring’s Radiant Babies .  It was fun and I loved every minute of making that room as colorful as possible.  But after a few weeks and really looking at it, it looked like someone had vomited Blik all over the room.  I really felt badly for the guy who bought our house and had to take all that down.

I’ve continued to use Blik religiously in our kids’ rooms.  It’s a great solution in Southern California because putting actual framed art on the walls in their room can be truly dangerous.  We do live in earthquake territory.  Of course, I’ve become much more selective and sparing in my use these days but I can feel the urge to change it all up again very soon.  I wonder how old the kids have to be before we get to pick out their Blik together.  That’s going to be fun!

We love a number of designers and product lines for a baby’s nursery or a little kid’s room.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Wall Décor: Blik

It doesn’t get any better than this.  They can be removed without damaging the wall so you can keep working on it until you get it right.  Love, love, love.

Nursery Furniture: Nurseryworks

Nurseryworks is based in Los Angeles and make amazing cribs, changing tables, bunk beds, and rockers.  They are pricey but at this point, our twins are still using their cribs (with the toddler conversion kit) and will continue to until they’re at least 5 years old.  My newest obsession is this Duet bunk bed.

Bedding: Dwell Studio

This bedding is excellent because it’s kid-centric but grown-up friendly.  I just love it.  Also, Dwell Studio understands the cost- conscious parent and created a line of bedding through Target.

Stuffed Animals: Uglydoll

Everyone will give you the cutest stuffed animals EVER.  No one will actually give you one of these Uglydolls but our kids adore them still.  If nothing else, they’re a conversation piece for your friends without kids.

Coolest Dollhouse: brinca dada’s Emerson House

Tere loves this dollhouse and demanded that I add this to the list simply because she wants one.  It’s pretty epic – I just can’t figure out where to put one in our house!


I think IKEA is terribly overlooked when in actuality they have a ton of great things for kids.  We got these “bunny lights” awhile back and the kids adore them.  They’re pretty indestructible, are relatively inexpensive, and plug in to charge.  Sounds pretty awesome to me!


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