Tennessee’s Ban on the Word ‘Gay’ in Schools

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By: The Queen Father

Hello mummies, daddies and baby-snatchers…

Today I REALLY need to rant about Tennessee putting a ban on the word ‘gay’ in schools and the ‘gagging order’ imposed on teachers to prevent them from talking about homosexuality before 9th grade.

To Tennessee I say: fine!

Go for it!

I understand your mental process. I really do.

After all, we all want to protect our children from anything we perceive as an attack on their innocence…

Even when innocence is considered to be a synonym of ignorance.

You claim that the ban on the word ‘gay’ is solely for the prevention of bullying and therefore for the ‘protection’ and the ‘welfare’ of the LGBT community and its kids. Thank you Tennessee!

But isn’t allowing the teachers to talk about homosexuality in a positive and non-biased way the only thing that would really help?

And didn’t you put a stopper to this as well?

I’m sorry Tennessee, but are you stupid?

Forgive me if I think that your ‘good intention’ is just another stone paving the road to Hell.

Ok, maybe in this case it’s an entire freeway junction, with traffic lights and everything.

So, please allow me to make the following suggestions.

Along with a ban on ‘homosexuality’ as a topic and the word ‘gay’, can we enforce a ban on words such as ‘Palestine’ or ‘Israel’ and also on the topics of ‘war’ and ‘violence’?

You’ll agree with me that these words conjure up some images that are far scarier than a couple of men kissing.

Don’t take my word for it, take The Queen Father’s shock-test!

Shocking you say? You would never expose your kid to this image or to any words or teachings that might bring it to mind? Fine! But how does it compare to this other image?

And if you had to pick one of these two images to show your kid, which one would you choose?

I bet I can guess and I bet that you would follow that sad ‘flash-card’ with these words “See what is happening in this photo? This is bad! War is bad! Very bad! Human beings should all love and respect each other!”

And yet you’ve thrown the first picture in the bin. How’s that for love and tolerance?


Why would you keep your children oblivious about the variety of love, family, and relationships, but buy them toy guns and video games where you get 100 points for shooting a zombie in the head?

Is it the fear that by talking to them about homosexuality you would indirectly ‘contaminate’ them and turn them into fags?

And why does their exposure to violence in games, TV programs, and day-to-day life not worry you in the slightest?

I will tell you why.

The hard fact is that you would feel much prouder if your 21-year-old boy (or girl) were to make a living blowing up enemies’ heads in Afghanistan, rather than if he (or she) were to walk down the aisle to marry his boyfriend (or her girlfriend).

But then again, I am not surprised. Sex and sexuality are HUGE taboos and violence simply is not.

It’s never been.

That’s because you’ve always felt more at ease talking to your kids about the horrors of war rather than the love that makes those two men kiss each other.

Am I right?

Of course I am.

Tennessee has one of the highest firearm-related crime rates in the US, and you are getting so used to it, that you don’t even think it’s fucking your children up.

Rather, you think that acknowledging homosexuality will.

And that does say a lot about human nature.

Correction: it says a lot about the nature of some humans.

Perhaps I am speaking out of line, but, folks of Tennessee, get your fucking priorities sorted out!

Speaking appropriately about the world out there, in its diversity, beauty, and harmony, can only help toward building future minds capable of respect, love, appreciation, tolerance.

The same minds that will hopefully choose to reject anything that could undermine such values.

Like a gun-toting freak, or a gagging order.


I need to point out that I chose the words ‘Palestine’ and ‘Israel’ not out of any private political agenda, but simply because these two realities have become such an integral part of international news in recent history as to become almost invisible to our eyes.

Violence and mass murder are the permanent fixture we are getting used to.

But, believe it or not, once upon a time that was a peaceful land, and believe it or not, in Tennessee, ‘gay’ is still a dirty word nobody can get used to.

The Queen Father’s real name is Marco Platti. He is a 36-year-old Italian guy with a fashion background. He married his partner of 11 years, Steven, in 2004. Since becoming a dad in 2009, he ditched his Gucci suit in favour of a spew-covered tracksuit.He is now a writer, blogger, and a stay-at-home parent. Find his award-winning blog on www.thequeenfather.com



[Photo Credit: J. Stephen Conn]

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