PLC Kids’ Fun Fair

By: Joey Uva


What is PLC?  PLC is the Pop Luck Club which is the largest known gay fathers organization in the world.  I have been a member of the Pop Luck Club for while.   I have attended some of the events but have never had the chance to go to the Kids’ Fun Fair.  On June 5, 2011 the PLC held the 3rd Annual Kids’ Fun Fair.

Trevor, Grace and I arrived at the fair right at lunch time.   I very surprised to see how many people where already there.   It was really great to see all the dads and their kids having a great time.   When I go to the park with Grace we are usually surrounded by many moms and kids, with just a few dads.  It was great to see so many dads with their children, having fun, being active and just enjoying themselves.  Plus, I am a big people watcher which made it all so great for me to see the interactions between the dads and children.  There was one couple with triplets, toddlers.  I wonder how they did it.  How did they handle all three at once?   They seemed to be doing great from what I could tell.

Grabbing our lunch was our first item of business.   We all got some delicious spaghetti with meat sauce which we purchased for a few tickets.   The tickets where bought upon coming into the fun fair which was held at a local school.  Grace was fascinated with the old tortoise that they had so we ate our lunch next to him.  He was actually pretty cool, even for me.   As we sat eating our lunch, we watched a group of young girls dance some original Mexican folk dances.   Grace quickly pointed out how big their dresses got when they held them out or twirled and let me know that the turquoise dress was her favorite.

After we had lunch Trevor and I played with Grace on the playground for a bit and interacted with some of the other fathers.  There was also a silent auction and raffle prizes for which you could also use tickets.   I had purchased ten extra tickets, and let Grace help me decide which bags to place the tickets in for the prizes behind the bags.   Grace quickly noticed that there were kids eating snow cones; we went to the snow cone stand and each got a different flavor.   We did a little more playing on the playground, visiting the tortoise and watching a young man play the guitar.   It was great to see Grace having so much fun and enjoying herself.   Give Trevor and Grace a swing set and you’ll hear “higher, higher!” with a lot of laughter. She has always been that way with Trevor.   To hear them laughing together is just pure joy.

As the fair was coming to an end, they held the raffle.    We won the first raffle prize which was a huge gift basket filled with toys and goodies.   The 3rd Annual PLC Kids’ Fun Fair was a hit and very well organized.

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