Move or Build

By: Stacey Ellis

Toys. Games. Strollers. Bouncies.  They are EVERYWHERE.  I always thought our house would be great for kids.  It’s a ranch.  It has a huge great room on the back which is a kitchen and main room that people salivate over when they visit.  It has another living room which we have turned into a sort of playroom (baby gates are also doggie-keep-out gates).  And the house is two bedrooms.  But we are out of room.

Before we adopted our daughter, we had to move all of our gym equipment to the garage to make a baby room.  So, we finished the garage, added some storage over the ceiling, and found ways to hang surf boards, bikes, and anything else we could on the wall.  Well, the storage above the garage is sofull, it’s causing slight cracks in the ceiling plaster.  Not kidding.  And now, our kick-butt gym is more storage than gym.  There are bags of baby clothes,  swings, bouncies, etc.  EVERYWHERE!  So, we had to join the YMCA to work out (that is if we ever actually do work out).

We would get rid of the baby clothes, but what if our second child is a girl?  We just can’t, even though we may try for a boy.  We figure you never know, so we have to keep everything.  That includes everything else too,such as the infant bathseat, baby toys our baby has long outgrown, and soothing swings she now climbs on to stand up.

I look back at my childhood. I grew up in a much smaller house than the house that I live in now.  My parents still live there.  My sister and I each had our own rooms, our own sinks in the bathroom, and we had one den to watch television in with my parents.  Of course we don’t remember the real young years, but I do remember some toys laying around the house.  I thought if they could do it, why can’t we?  Well, we can’t and I have no idea why.

So, we started trying to figure out how to add on to our house.  There are very limited options when it comes to building and even if we did, we don’t think we can add on enough room for storage.  So that leaves us with moving.  Has anyone taken a look at the housing market lately?  We’re not wealthy so we’d have to sell our home first before we ever consider buying.   Yet, we started “looking” – first where the school districts are best.  We roamed around Culver City, California, just south of Los Angeles.  There are no homes in the nice areas for sale.  We roamed around our own neighborhood for a bigger home with more space.  Nothing. And we roamed around Sherman Oaks and found nothing.  It’s hard to find a home these days!

And I must say, it’s not easy to house hunt with a baby.   She really has no interest in square footage, the number of bathrooms, and whether or not the master bedroom has a walk-in closet.  But she does want to walk!  She wants to check out every inch of the house, while holding our hands.   And what was most fun was when we changed her, then she pooped and we realized we ran out of diapers – so we had to change her BACK into the wet diaper because that was the lesser of two evils.

It just occurred to me – a storage unit may be in order.


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