Newlyweds in New York

By: Tanya Dodd- Hise

Day 5-7:  July 19 – 21, 2009

We woke up to another beautiful Connecticut morning, not sure how any aspect of our trip could surpass the perfection of yesterday and our wedding.  But, nevertheless, we were MARRIED!  After breakfast, we had to go upstairs and attempt to take the explosion inside of our suite and cram it all back into luggage.  We had made ourselves at home in this awesome old house, and almost hated to bring ourselves to the time when we would have to say goodbye.  But soon Holly and Michelle were there to pick us up, and we made a quick stop at the beach for one last “toes in the sand” moment; then we were off to the train station for another adventure to a new location.

We boarded the train in Old Saybrook, Connecticut and spent the next few hours marveling at the lush green trees along the ocean until we arrived in NYC.  We had been gifted a night at a hotel in Times Square by a sorority sister, and then added a second night to it so that we could get a couple of days in New York.  So here we were, Sunday mid-day, in one of the largest and busiest cities in the world, trying to haul our luggage and walk to our hotel.  (It WAS, after all, only a few blocks away from the train station!)  HA!  Bad idea.  We finally decided it was too far and we had way too much shit, so we hailed a taxi and quickly piled into an SUV cab.  Oh my God was THAT an interesting, and scary, ride – even if it was only a few blocks!  But we arrived in one piece and dumped our stuff in our room so that we could get a bite to eat and begin our exploring.  Soon we were back on the street (we were staying on Broadway, I believe), ducking into one of the many pizza spots to have a huge slice of some amazing pie.  We then spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the neighborhood surrounding our hotel until we had to go back and get ready for an evening Broadway showing of Avenue Q.  Afterwards, we went back to Times Square and had dinner at Bubba Gump’s, where we had a great dinner and a lot of fun.  I was just amazed at everything that we saw and did, because I was so thrilled to be on an actual honeymoon with my wife – and floating at the sheer fact that I now have a WIFE!  After the show we went back for some rest, so that we could go back out the next day and create some new and amazing memories!

On Monday we took on the subways of New York, easily navigating our way throughout the city.  We went down to the pier where we boarded the Staten Island Ferry, but only rode past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; it was pretty crowded at both places.  We wandered around Wall Street and I took Erikka to Ground Zero.  This was her first trip to New York and my third, but this time was much more fun because I wasn’t there with a large group of middle schoolers!  We did some shopping in Times Square and then went back to get ready for dinner.  After a quiet dinner, which was nice since we were growing increasingly exhausted, we took a nice walk to Central Park, where Erikka had arranged for us to have an evening carriage ride – it was SO romantic.  There were times when I thought I would cry just from the sheer overwhelming joy that I felt every minute of our trip.  This was for sure the most right thing that I had ever felt in my entire life, and sometimes I just couldn’t handle all of the emotions.

Tuesday morning came, way too early for our tired butts, and we were once again having to repack – only now we had MORE souvenirs to fit into our limited space.  We had already decided that we would find a box and mail all of our purchases back to ourselves rather than overpack our luggage and go over the weight limits.  Yes, we were a couple of wives with a plan!  But off we were again, lugging everything down to the lobby, checking out, and hailing another scary New York City taxi on this dreary and rainy morning.  THAT ride was even more scary than the previous one!  But we arrived at the train station on time, found where we would need to board, have breakfast, and wait.

Soon enough, we were off again for the next leg of our beautiful adventure…


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