Gay Adoptive Dads Prepare for a Second Adoption

By: Chris Coyne


We get deeper in everyday.  Last week we started our second home study.  Parts of me think this is amazing and parts of me are terrified.  Cj is cutting a couple molars and he needs us so much right now.  We are running around doing fingerprinting, doctor appointments, and going on playdates.

The paperwork is easy.  We do not have to rewrite our life story so that is great!  Our friends and family have been very supportive.  Jon forwarded my last blog to every person he had in his address book so we received so much positive energy it was very touching.

I am keeping very busy with our toddler.  His world has expanded and he loves it.  He gets so excited to see the bunny rabbits in out new neighborhood.  He even recalls where he saw his last bunny the previous day. Hr jabbers all day long about his life.  I think he gets this from me.  He is more and more curious about his surroundings and he keeps me on my toes.  The weather has warmed up and CJ loves the hose.  He spends hours a day filling cups and buckets with cold water.

I notice more moms at the park who are expecting babies.  Some of them have more then one child and a few of these mothers have more then three!  I see this and I wonder if that could be me in a few years.  Will I be the stay at home dad with a minivan filled with soccer playing kids drinking juice boxes?  Will we stop at two?  I do not know the answer right now.  I was so afraid to go through all the newborn stuff anew months ago but now I want it again.  No one tells you how hard it can be to care for a newborn.  I lay in bed at night craving the smell of a newborn baby.  What a ride!

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