Good Food and Friends in India

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By: Kerrie Olejarz

Outside the streets were full but luckily Sanjay saw us and pulled the car up to the front of the hospital.   The hotel is less than five minutes’ drive away, but we were in rush hour and it took us almost half an hour to get there.  Sanjay navigated the back streets only to find them as congested as the main roads.  Finally we arrived back at the hotel and made our way back to our room.  I was feeling great, which was a surprise and a relief since we were booked to fly home in two days.   We both slept very well that night after all the excitement and the next morning I continued to feel great.  All my retrievals at home were really tough and I swelled up like a balloon for days afterwards, but this one was very different. We were quite anxious to hear the results of the procedure, especially since freezing embryos was no longer an option for us.  We needed to make sure we had good embryos for both surrogates.  I emailed Dr Shivani about the results, knowing it was too soon to have any, but we couldn’t help it.

Our day ahead was full of social meetings, which were a good distraction.  A fellow surrogacy buddy from Australia was coming over to see us in the afternoon, and that evening we had plans to meet up with a previous co-worker of mine who had moved back to India after a two-year placement in Canada.   Mark and I spent the morning resting a bit and then we headed to M-Block market.  I was feeling good –and excited to go out and about for a couple of hours.  For lunch we decided to try McDonalds, which we don’t eat at home.  The place was packed, full of young people eating and laughing and having a great time.  We ordered our food to go and took it back to the hotel.  There was no beef on the menu, so the options were chicken or veg.   We ordered one of each, with fries and a coke.   It was very tasty with really nice sauces on the burgers, a hint of Indian spice, and a touch of heat.  The fries were the same as home, and Coke is Coke.

Kim from Australia called to say she was on her way.  She was here for baby pick-up and had her youngest daughter with her. They arrived with a bag of Oreo cookies and both took a big flop on our comfy bed.  They were currently in an apartment that they were not very pleased with and our room made them quite jealous and aware of how bad their accommodations were.  I took her to meet the general manager of the hotel for a quote on a large room for her and her daughter and her soon-to-arrive husband and older daughter.

We then ordered a couple pots of tea to the rooftop and sat up there for a couple of hours gabbing away about our experiences.  It was great to spend time with them, especially since their newest family member was due any day now.  Sharing our excitements was a way to normalize this situation.

Later that night my friend Nilesh arrived and we headed to the south extension of Delhi.  This area was very nice, very trendy, and full of people.  We went to Moti Mahal, a higher end Indian chain restaurant.  We were feeling quite exhausted by this time as the adrenaline had worn off.  But  it was great to visit with Nilesh and eat some amazing food.  Nilesh took good care to ensure we did not leave hungry and ordered way too many appetizers.  By the time our meals came we were stuffed! Despite how full we were, we order Gulab Juman for dessert, my favorite!  This is basically small, deep fried donuts soaked in a hot sugar and rose water syrup.  It is delish and not too sweet.  It was so great to catch up with Nilesh, although we did feel bad as exhaustion had hit us and we may not have been the best of company.  We said our goodbyes to Nilesh and he promised to see us in nine months from now when we come for baby pick-up.

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