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By: Brandy Black

So I told the closing story of the pacifier already –we celebrated it together, all is right in our world again,  but the finale has an encore.  Sophia’s godparents came over for dinner one night shortly after the parting of Obe and the arrival of the fish.  We were toasting the milestone when Justin had a great idea to further embellish the wonderful story of the Obe Fairy and her great efforts to keep babies happy around the world by passing down the pacifiers and Obes from the older children.  He thought it might be nice if Sophia were able to see a picture of the baby with her Obe so that she would know that she made that child happy.  So, we quietly snuck him the Obe and he delivered it to his nephew for a quick photo op.  I received the picture  a couple days later.

I ran into Sophia’s room and told her that the Obe Fairy sent me a special email just for her.  I explained that this was the baby that received her Obe.  She sat up straight, eyes wide.  When she saw the picture, she sat silent in wonderment.

Finally she said “Is that my Obe in that baby’s mouth?”

“Yep,” I said, wondering if maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

“Obe Fairy gave that baby my Obe?”


I closed the computer thinking maybe it was a bad idea to bring up the topic since she’d been doing so well.

“I want to see it again,” she said.

We looked at it again and again over the next couple days. She talked about the fairy and the baby and I think, had final closure with our precious friend Obe.

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