Jim Domen, of the California Family Council’s Outreach, “Ex-Gay Pride”

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By: Shannon Ralph

A self-professed “ex-gay” official with Focus on the Family’s California affiliate has called on the city of Los Angeles to recognize an “Ex-Gay Pride” day. His request came in response to Los Angeles’s recognition of LGBT Heritage Month in June. Earlier this year, the same group slammed anti-bullying initiatives for allegedly pushing the “homosexual agenda” and attacked efforts to incorporate gay and historical lesbian figures into school curriculums.

Jim Domen, who leads the California Family Council’s outreach to clergy, has commented that California should honor people like him who “changed our lives” by becoming ex-gays. “I’m ex-gay,” he says. “And so when I hear people celebrating, ‘Oh, we’re doing the LGBT month,’ and those types of celebrations, I want to ask the question: ‘Well, when does the state, when does the county of Los Angeles respect those who are ex-gay? When do we celebrate ex-gay month?’ We’ve gone down this road — it’s not good — and we’ve changed our lives. When does the state recognize that?”

I can tell you exactly why Los Angeles has not instituted an Ex-Gay Pride celebration.  No one would show up and the event would be boring as hell! Considering that the term “ex-gay” is an oxymoron comparable to ex-Hispanic or ex-blued-eyed, I doubt that the pride grounds would be teeming with people. And can you possibly imagine what a tedious affair it would be? I am pretty certain I would rather have a Novocaine-free root canal any day. And I would imagine many Angelenos would agree.

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