Harvey Milk Day

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By: Shannon Ralph

The right-wing group Save California is up in arms about the recent enactment of a day to honor Harvey Milk, the openly gay San Francisco politician and civil rights activist who was assassinated in 1978. Randy Thomasson, the head of Save California, is urging parents to pull their students out of  public schools to protest efforts to recognize the role of LGBT citizens in California history. In an interview with The American Family Association’s OneNewsNow, Thomasson warned against the looming “tsunami of perversity”and homosexual indoctrination approaching schools.

“Wake up, parents. Public schools are no longer for the public,” he says. “They’re government institutions that think that your children are their children—and they are going to turn them into homosexual, bisexual, transsexual political activists.”

Thomasson also stated that openly gay State Senator Mark Leno “sees children as little homosexuals-in-waiting. And he wants to tell them they’re homosexual, tell them they’re bisexual, tell them they’re transsexual—not tell them that transexuality is irreversible and it’s obviously a choice; not tell them that bisexuality is obviously unnatural and obviously a choice; not telling them that the gay gene has never been found.”

Now normally, I would give no credence whatsoever (nor the energy it takes to type these words)  to the rantings of windbags such as Thomasson. But you know…sometimes the only thing you can do it let the members of the religious right speak their minds. Then sit back and laugh. They sure are entertaining in their utter ludicrousness sometimes, aren’t they?

Anyway…I better get back to cultivating my tsunami of perversity.



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