The Next Sounds: Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs

By: Sierra Drucker

In keeping with this month’s theme of fathers, I’ve decided to write about Pearl Jam frontman and solo artist Eddie Vedder, a father himself, and a true man’s man.


His latest album, Ukulele Songs, caught me by surprise.  He delivers sixteen tracks of solely ukulele and vocals.  The simplicity in the juxtaposition of his iconic agrestic voice against the purity and sweetness of a plucked uke lays his poetry bare with stunning results.

Vedder tackles themes of love, life, and loss with such modest sincerity, each song an ephemeral 2-3 minutes long.  It seems he made this album for himself and we are just the lucky audience who are privy.

Musing on the fleeting nature of life, he reimagines the Pearl Jam song “Can’t Keep.”

My favorite pieces on the album have to be the lullabies.  Perhaps singing to his daughter, he covers gems like “Dream A Little Dream,” “Tonight You Belong To Me,” and my favorite, “More Than You Know.”


Ukulele Songs makes a perfect Father’s Day gift.  And if you want to give that special Dad a little something extra, Vedder is currently touring the nation with a stop at the Wiltern on July 8th.

If you like what you heard, find insider tips on Sierra’s blog, Inland Sounds.


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