Gestational Surrogate: Covering My Bases

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By: Kelly Rummelhart

A week ago I was filled with excitement because I found out Old Navy was coming out with a series of Pride shirts! (Yes, things like this get me really excited.)  I immediately called my nearest store in Chico, California to see when they would be arriving.  The person on the phone had no idea what I was talking about.  They put me on hold, their supervisor had no idea what I was talking about.  I read to them the information I had seen on the Internet and was told what days their shipments came in and that I should check back.


So then I figure, no worries, I’ll just buy online.  Back to the Internet! But I found out for some reason they aren’t going to be available online.  WHAT??


I finally found out which stores the shirts will be available at (list below).  I then started to brainstorm how I’m going to get the shirts I need.  Sure, they will be sold at one of the San Francisco stores but I won’t be there until late June for Pride, and by then, I’m sure they’ll be sold out.  So, I have decided to hedge my bets.

Plan A– My IPs are in New York for the next few weeks.  I texted D. a list of all the NY stores they will be at the sizes I need.  He said they’re on it . . . but they are very busy, so just in case . . .

Plan B– One of my surrogate friends works close to one of the Old Navy stores that will have the shirts.  So I gave her my wish list too.  As of yesterday, the shirts haven’t arrived yet. Hmmmmmm . . .

Plan C- Another one of my surrogate friends is flying in from Chicago to celebrate Pride and she is going to check out the two stores in her city.

I am hoping that I won’t Strike Out!  I have three different options to get my shirts, so wish me luck.  I also have two different people getting me two different sizes, in case one is too small.  I made that mistake a few years back when I purchased my “Love is Everywhere” T-shirt from the HRC store.  My little sister inherited a top and I was bummed they stopped selling them.

One of my friends asked me what I’d do if all three plans succeed.  Well, if that’s the case I will be one HAPPY girl and I guess a few will be available online . . . or at least a Women’s XL and at least 1 Extra Small, Small, and Large kids’ shirts!


Kelly Rummelhart writes about her experiences as a two-time gestational surrogate for gay couples.  She calls herself a “Uterine Activist” and will be the first to tell you that her uterus is an ally.  Kelly also writes at Just The Stork

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