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Pictures Our Kids Will Hate Us For

By: Heather Somaini

We have friends who took lots of pictures of themselves as a couple but when they started a family, the picture taking slowed a bit.  We’re the exact opposite.  We have few pictures from before the babies and a ton after.  Thank goodness photography has gone digital or we would have prints everywhere.  We have so many pictures I have to keep them super organized in the computer so we can find what we’re looking for.  And sometimes I’m looking for the ones that our kids will hate us for.

You know the ones.  You have them.  We have them too – lots of them.  I think it’s totally fair that we have them and will be able to torture our kids with them when they get older.  My parents have terrible pictures of me and my brother when we were babies.  They loved to torture us with them and made a point of showing them to our soon to be spouses.  I mean my parents have a picture of me when I was about one, lying naked on a bear skin rug!  They have another one with a beer can in my hand standing in my dad’s Air Force boots.  Very embarrassing…

So it’s only fair and right that we have our fair share of embarrassing baby photos.  And it’s not very hard to get them, to be honest.  Babies just need to be dressed up a bit…like for Easter as bunnies and then while they sleep, you can pretty much arrange them any way you want.  Fun, huh?

Toddlers on the other hand, just need to be let loose.  They’ll create photo opportunities all on their own because they love making a mess, exploring and generally getting into trouble.  Toddlers also love running around naked so that makes getting embarrassing pictures easy.

I daydream sometimes of the day I get to show our son’s girlfriend or fiancé the shots of him in the buff with a Santa hat on a fuzzy rug.  It’s even worse than the one my parents took of me because in these, the twins are also in front of a fireplace.  They are such totally tragic photos but utterly adorable at the same time.

I swear everyone has a picture of their kids taking a bath in the kitchen sink, don’t they?  Mine has bubbles on my head in a big cone.  Of course the one we have of the twins has them splashing like they’re never going to take a bath again!  I love that picture because it’s like a moment frozen in time with drops of water in the air and kids screaming.  It’s perfect!  I hope you take pictures of your kids often.  If for no other reason than you’ll be able to embarrass them mercilessly when they’re teenagers.

What’s your favorite kid photo?

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