By: Kacie Bernstein

As a kid, I was a frequent visitor to the ER.  Not only was I an active child, but a clumsy one as well.  My mom was a trooper since all my accidents happened while my dad was at work; I always wondered how I would react in a similar situation.

It was a typical Monday night. I was trying to kill some time before we all piled in my bed to watch The Fresh Beat Band and go to sleep.  The kids were throwing blankets over their head and playing peek-a-boo, everyone was giggling and smiling…that was until the thud which was followed by a very loud cry.  What had just happened?…I was sitting right there!  I reluctantly pulled the blanket from my son’s head, and that’s when I saw the blood.  He had tripped on a pillow and smacked his forehead against the bed.  My daughter was amazing and obeyed everything that flew out of my mouth. She quickly collected pacifiers and her brother’s favorite bear.  I tried to control the bleeding which thankfully subsided in only a few minutes, but the bruise was forming and I was able to get a better view of the cut.  I scrambled for the phone to call my mom; luckily she only lives a few minutes away.  My husband wasn’t surprised since our son is fearless, but was shocked when I mentioned he might need stitches.  It was going to take him well over an hour to get home and I figured since the bleeding had stopped we would be fine.

I called the doctor and remembered there was a hospital in Encino –the Pediatric Acute Care Center, which was for after-hours pediatric emergencies.  We decided to go there in lieu of the ER.  I packed a bag filled with cookies and toys and we were on our way.  The doctors were amazing, and were able to glue the wound instead of using stitches.  Unfortunately, he did need to be restrained during the five-minute process but I am hoping that it was more traumatizing for me than him.  We both pulled through with flying colors, and the only memory of this fateful night should be the scar on his eyebrow.

For those of you in the San Fernando Valley, please keep this number on you at all times: 818-788-5437.



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