Lesbian Moms: Baptizing Babies

By: Heather Somaini

I was baptized as a baby.  I always wondered why, since my family is considerably less than religious.  My parents baptized me Methodist.  As far as Protestant religions go, it’s fairly “lite” compared to, say, Catholicism or something.  My mom told me once it was just the thing they did when a baby was born.  So that’s how my soul was ensured entrance into heaven in the event of my untimely and early death.

Since then, I’ve had lots of opportunities to check out a number of religions.  As a pre-teen, I was scared into being “saved” at summer camp.  My guess is that it doesn’t exactly work the right way if you’re freaked out of your gourd because you just watched a film where the plot revolved around a plane full of people NOT crashing because the pilot asked Jesus into his heart as his lord and savior.  Come to think of it, that situation doesn’t seem like it would work either since it was under extreme duress.  As you can tell, none of this left a lasting impression or memory on me at all.

When the babies were born we opted to have a Baby Blessing.  We’ve made a number of adjustments to traditional ceremonies to fit our lives and this was also one of them.  We never had a baby shower, with Tere in the hospital for so long and with Free in the NICU after he was born, we didn’t encourage people to come visit.  So this Baby Blessing was a way for us to celebrate everything all at once and let everyone meet the twins.

The very amazing Erwin McManus came and blessed the babies for us.  It was a great moment and our house was filled with love.  Erwin is an author and lead pastor at Mosaic here in Los Angeles.  Erwin and Mosaic are technically Southern Baptist, although they’re like no other Southern Baptist I know.  It’s funny how people get about religion so I rarely discuss it with anyone, but it’s one of my favorite subjects.  I love the mystery of it.  I love the Da Vinci Code – regardless if it’s even remotely true or not.  It’s the idea that it “could” be true that fascinates me.  I spent a good bit of time a few years ago working on promoting a couple of our films to the faith-based market and that’s when Erwin and I met.  I’ve been slightly in love with him ever since – he’s one cool dude.

Sometime after the Baby Blessing, Tere’s parents started really laying on the guilt trip about not baptizing the twins.  Tere’s parents are very Catholic and to them, it was imperative that the babies’ little souls were saved from an eternity in limbo.  Tere refused.  Being a recovering Catholic, she wanted nothing to do with it.  To me it didn’t really matter either way but to them it was life and death stuff here.  I slowly over time talked Tere into it.  It meant so much to her parents.  Since we aren’t part of a Catholic church, Tere was able to arrange a baptism in the chapel at the high school she attended.  Tere is still very close to the head of the school – a pretty awesome Nun, Sister Kathleen – and she felt comfortable having the babies baptized there.  It was just us and our families on a Saturday morning.

We had a great day and it was amazing as always to have our closest friends and family all together.  And of course, now our twins won’t ever end up in limbo.  Or is it purgatory?

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