The Pacifier is Gone (Part One)

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By: Brandy Black

toddler getting rid of the pacifier

So a couple weeks back I posted a video of Sophia talking about getting rid of OBE (her pacifier). We had planned to do it that weekend but my wife talked me out of it. I wasn’t feeling so well and she thought it would be a tough weekend to endure hours of screaming (if it came to that) so we put it off one week, then two, and now, last night was the proposed night of departure for our dear little friend. The original plan, as you know, was for the Obe Fairy to come and replace the pacifier with a princess fish. Some of you commented that you simply bit a hole in the pacifier and that was that. I thought that was a great idea but we had already built up this whole fairy thing so it had to happen. We went to dinner last night, and when Sophia requested to bring him, we let her break the rule that Obe must always stay home. See, she knew the fairy was planning to come on Friday, so at any given moment it could be taken; clever little thing, she kept him close. Dinner was challenging at best because Sophia hadn’t napped at school (not a common occurrence- she loves her sleep) so you can imagine how grumpy she was and you can also probably deduce what was going through our heads. Maybe one more week. Before Susan could say it, I decided to bite a hole in Obe when Sophia wasn’t looking. I couldn’t put it off any longer. So I did it and quickly placed it back in her hand. She didn’t put it in her mouth until we got in the car and her reaction was subtle.

“Obe isn’t sucking back,” she said sadly from the back of the car.

“What baby?” I said innocently.

“Obe’s not working anymore,” she said calmly.

“Well you are getting older and you have big girl teeth; I think Obe is ready to move on to a baby now.”

I didn’t know what I was saying. She mumbled back and kept trying to suck the pacifier.

“I’m ready to give him to the Obe Fairy now.”

We got home and she ran into her room and I grabbed the flip and this is what I caught…

After that, we decided to have a tea party in the living room. While Susan and Sophia were setting up, I replaced the package to the fairy with the princess fish and then quickly took my place in the circle of stuffed animals for some tea.

“I don’t have a cup,” I said. “Can you go get me one?”

Susan looked up at me with a glimmer in her eye. Sophia started to walk toward her room and turned around.
“That’s ok, you can have some of puppy’s tea.”
“Ok.” I was disappointed.
We sat for a little longer.
“Hippo doesn’t have a cup either,” I said.
Sophia headed to her room to get him a cup and then turned around.
“That’s ok, he can have some of bear’s tea.”
It was like she knew! I gave up and drank all of puppy’s tea. Susan finally piped in. “Why isn’t Muno at this party?”
“Oh, Muno…” Sophia said. “I’ll go get him.” She moved toward her room and then spun around quickly.
“I’ve got puppy, I don’t need Muno.”
She was never going into her room! We gave up and waited. Finally she said she wanted to get Muno and ran into her room. We raced after her. She walked in looking around and glanced at the fishbowl in the middle of the room and said, “What’s that?” and kept walking past it.
Then she turned around and dropped to the ground and with big eyes stared in amazement.
“The fairy came to bring my princess fish.”
And here is what came next…

I suspected the night would be tough and frankly I’m a softy so I negotiated a deal that she could decide what time she wanted to go to bed on this special night. Bedtime is at 7PM, we played till 8PM, we watched a movie until 10PM and when it was over, Susan was asleep, I was exhausted, and so I finally called it. She cried about Obe for a minute but quickly fell fast asleep out of pure and total exhaustion. I thought the night would be endless but she actually made it all the way until 5:38AM (she usually sleeps until 7AM). She woke crying for her little friend but when we reminded her of her fish, she ran back into her room and began reading her stories. It’s not over yet. This I know. But we have finally reached yet another major milestone for the Black Howard family.

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