I Love (and Hate) Travelling with My Wife

By: Heather Somaini

I love travelling with my wife.  She’s truly amazing.  But I also really hate travelling with my wife.  She’s a train wreck.  I hope you understand that I say that with great affection.  I mean after all, she’s MY train wreck and I’m the only one who gets to complain about her.  If someone else does, I’ll defend her until the end.  But since it’s me, I get to say whatever I want.  This is my list of complaints when travelling with Tere.  I wonder if you guys have some of the same ones.

  1. I hate that she over packs for the kids.  She must pack at least 3-4 outfits for each day that we will be gone.  So that means that we easily have 6-8 sets of clothes for the twins that we just don’t need.
  2. I hate that she can’t pack the suitcases of all those lovely things she wants to bring and makes me do it.
  3. I hate that she carries a purse and a carry-on packed to the brim with toys, snacks, books and drugs (you know, for the kids).  It’s impossible to store all of these bags within an arm’s length, which is always what she wants.
  4. I hate that she can’t stop a toddler meltdown while we’re in a plane, train or automobile.
  5. I hate that she’s always trying to get us to “go” somewhere.

Of course there are a few things I like about travelling with Tere…

  1. I love that she handles the kids’ stuff – like toys, snacks and books when we travel.
  2. I love that she surprises the kids with new toys and books when we’re on the go.
  3. I love that she always makes sure there is extra “stuff” in case we have travel delays.
  4. I love that she has never forgotten the Baby Tylenol.
  5. I love that she can’t pack efficiently to save her life and I have to fix it so everything fits in the steamer trunk-sized suitcases she makes us take.
  6. I love that she is determined to take all those carry-on bags so that she has everything we could possibly ever need on the plane.
  7. I love that my wife will ask me if I need anything for our upcoming trip while she’s out shopping.
  8. I love that she always has snacks.
  9. I love that she puts up with my militaristic approach to how we do everything and is willing to let me have my way.
  10. I love that my wife is mine.

What do you hate (and love) about travelling with your spouse?

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