Go Giants!

By: Shannon Ralph


Go Giants! Go Giants! I am admittedly not a huge baseball fan. As a matter of fact, I always thought the seventh inning stretch was a yoga position. Despite my pitiful knowledge of the game, however, I feel the need to cheer for the San Francisco Giants today. In a move that is both unprecedented and courageous in the world of professional sports, the San Francisco Giants announced this week that they will become the first professional sports team to produce a video for the “It Gets Better” campaign, designed to give hope to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youth. To date, celebrities, politicians, and everyday people like you and me have posted more than 10,000 “It Gets Better” videos to YouTube to bring awareness to the tragedies of anti-gay bullying and suicide by gay youth.

Kids look up to professional ball players as role models and heroes. In the world of professional sports where all things macho are worshiped and egos grow unchecked to gigantic proportions, the Giants should be applauded for their decision. This video has the potential to make a huge difference in halting the spread of anti-gay rhetoric and anti-gay slurs in the world of sports—one of the last bastions for homophobia in this country. So let’s don our orange and black today and cheer for a trend-setting team.

Gooooooooo Giants!


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