Will Tammy Baldwin Run For Senate?

The Next Family

By: Shannon Ralph

Tammy Baldwin, one of only four openly gay members of the House of Representatives, is considering a run for the Senate. The lesbian representative from Wisconsin is reported to be contemplating throwing her hat into the ring to replace retiring Senator Herb Kohl. If she succeeds, she would become the first openly gay member of the United States Senate.

I would call this poetic justice at its very best. After rabid Republican Governor Scott Walker—in an obvious and underhanded ploy to weaken the Democratic base—signed into law his controversial measure stripping public workers of their collective bargaining rights, I am sure he was feeling rather victorious. He won the battle. However, little does he know that the cultural war wages on. How should the downtrodden Democrats respond? How can they exact sweet karmic justice on Governor Walker? How can they turn the tides and once again return the state of Wisconsin to the people? Why, elect a lesbian, of course! Not any old lesbian, however. No, they may just have the opportunity to elect the very first openly gay senator in the history of the United States. On Scott Walker’s watch. In Scott Walker’s state.

Ahhh…karma. I do love you so.


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