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A Surreal Day Eating Pizza Hut in Delhi

By: Kerrie Olajarz

After breakfast I headed back to my room. It was still quite cool outside and the hustle and bustle was in full swing just meters outside the hotel. The dogs were barking, the rickshaws were buzzing, and every horn in the city was honking. My plans for the day were to work a little and then head to the hospital to see Dr Shivani at 3pm. But soon after settling into my room, my phone rang. It was Amit! He was downstairs in the lobby, having just arrived from Mumbai. What a wonderful surprise to see him, my buddy. We settled on the patio and caught up quickly. Amit is extremely busy with his travel business and helping international surrogacy clients. He has actually met many of the people of whose blogs I’ve read or with whom I’ve emailed. I think he finds it difficult to not get emotionally attached to his surrogacy clients. He takes very good care of us and has such a good reputation in our growing surrogacy community. Amit asked what I would like to do for the day; he had a car and driver waiting for us.

We decided to head to Qutub Minar, the world’s tallest all-brick tower. We made a quick pit stop at his Delhi office then off to do some sightseeing. We chatted about my first few days in Delhi and we laughed a lot. Qutub Minar was, well, a tall tower. I am not much of a sightseeing traveler. We opted to not buy tickets and instead gazed at the tower from the roadside. The weather was perfect. Being with Amit was like being with an old friend, just hanging out. It was so comfortable that I forgot where I was.

We went to M Block market to grab some lunch. After walking around the market for a few minutes we decided to eat at Pizza Hut. It was all very surreal to me. Here I am in Delhi, without Mark, catching up with a wonderful new friend, having absolutely no clue where I am in relation to my hotel, with no cell phone, just me and my so-called level of comfort, eating Pizza Hut. Surreal!

It was soon time to start heading to the hospital. We took the long route on foot back to the car, as the day was perfect and there was a lot to see. I felt oddly comfortable in Delhi (albeit the aforementioned surreal experience). It’s the people I think. In Mumbai all heads turned to the blonde white woman. But in Delhi, I received very few stares and when I did, they would look away once I made eye contact. In Mumbai, eye contact had no effect, and there were times when I was encircled by beautiful brown eyes, all directed at me.

Amit and I found our car and headed to the hospital. We drove around awhile looking for it; all I knew was that it was on what felt like a main street, and that it was not far from M Block market. Eventually we found it and we said our goodbyes. It was such a great day spending time with Amit. Now the reality and purpose of my trip were back on.

I checked in at the hospital and shortly after Dr Shivani called me down for my check up. I was a bit anxious, because the day before I ended up doing my injections about three hours late! I had fallen asleep watching TV, and woke up in sheer horror about having overslept my injection time. I was afraid I had screwed it all up, but thankfully the scan showed good follicle development. After the scan, we popped over to the office to talk about next steps. Dr Shivani wanted to see me again in two days, when I would have blood work done and switch my meds –which worked out perfectly as by that time I would have depleted all my “internet” drugs.

Once I was all set with Dr Shivani, I made my way back to my hotel room. I ordered some cream of mushroom soup and settled into my overnight of working remotely. The next day I had nothing scheduled so I hoped that I could work until complete exhaustion then sleep a lot, even if it meant I slept through the whole day. At 3am I found myself once again watching Burn Notice and then Friends, exhausted but not able to sleep. There were a few party animals in the hallways of the hotel, but their entertainment was short-lived. I eventually fell asleep and woke at 7am…another solid three hours’ of sleep! Since I had nothing planned for the day I took my time, had a late breakfast, and lounged in bed all day. Never in my life have I just lounged in bed for a full day.

Thursday, exactly one week before my 40th birthday, was a blur. I could not wait until Friday when Mark would arrive. As the hours of Thursday ticked by I started to get more and more excited to see him. Thursday did have two nice surprises: a call from a friend in Europe who had been home with her twins for over a month. She called to see how I was doing and I was anxious to hear about the twins, and how life as a mom has been. It was wonderful to hear from her. The second surprise was a free room upgrade! The manager knew Mark was on his way so he offered up a bigger room to us. I was delighted and moved two doors down the hall. The new room was at the front of the hotel so the noise was brutal, but it had a balcony and double the space. It also had a small sitting area where I could sit and eat or watch TV from the couch. When I opened the balcony door the noise decibels doubled and the pigeons looked pissed at me for interrupting their poop time.

That evening I spent most of the hours working. As much as work provided me with something to do, I would have preferred to not have to work. My job is very demanding and deadline-sensitive and I have no back up, so I have to work during my vacation and “trying to get pregnant” time. This will have to change when we finally have a child, but for now it is what it is.



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