The Next Sounds: k.d. lang & The Siss Boom Bang

By: Sierra Drucker

I confess. I wasn’t a huge k.d. lang fan until I stumbled across this new video for “I Confess.” Veering away from her pop leanings, she breathes new life into classic rockabilly sound like a female Chris Isaak. While we’ve seen hints of Americana in her work before, she’s really honed in the sound on this latest LP, Sing It Loud.

k.d.’s longtime love for Patsy Cline, which even lead her to create a tribute band back in the day, clearly shows on this album. Long past the days of imitation, she lets her own unique gifts shine. Her voice wants and wanes with sheer in-the-moment sincerity. This is a woman who sings straight from the heart, and that songwriting comes to life as she exudes a newfound wisdom and ease.
lang is backed by the Siss Boom Bang gang of talents including Joe Pisapia (formerly of Guster), who not only played on the album, but produced it as well. Sing It Loud feels immediately like the Nashville-born creation it is – leaving behind the bells and whistles it allows the heart of the music to ring out. That sincere quality is partly due to Pisapia and Lang’s choice to record in old-school fashion, with a full band in mostly one take.
Enjoy the deliciously dreamy soundscape on her cover of Talking Heads’ “Heaven.”

Sing It Loud is out now on Nonesuch Records. While I might be a little late to the game, for me, this album cements her as one of the great songwriters of our time.

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